Electric Motorcycle by VOS

Electric Motorcycle by VOS


Nowadays electric motorcycles getting more popular. There are plenty of models to choose from. This time I decided to introduce electric motorcycle MODEL: Z which is one of the most beautifully designed electric motorcycles in the world (in my opinion).

100% electric + zero emissions + affordable + best choice = HAPPY YOU!

You can choose from two options: Model Z8 (8KW) or Model Z10 (10KW).

Minimum Licence requirements:
A1 Licence is required to ride this motorcycle or you have to be 17+ years to qualify to ride this motorcycle.

You can check what bike you can ride using Motorbike licence calculator.

MODEL Z10 (10KW)
Minimum Licence requirements:
A2 Licence is required to ride this motorcycle. Minimum age 19 years if you have passed your A1 licence. (Practical test only)

Colour options: Grey, White, Red, Black, Yellow and Blue

Motor Type: 8KW or 10KW

Standard speed: 62 – 87 MPH

Max speed: 62 – 87 MPH

Battery Type: Lithium battery

Battery: 72V 20ah – 72V 50ah – 72V 80ah

Range per full charge: 20ah=31mpc – 50ah = 59mpc – 80ah=75mpc

Charging Time: 8H

PRICES START FROM: Β£5840.00 on the road price

Visit https://www.vosmotorcycles.com and hopefully you will find one electric motorcycle for yourself.

Photos by Global Motor Media Team

Irmantas B.