BMW cocktail & song – perfect combination!

BMW cocktail & song – perfect combination!

Let’s say it is a Friday night, or Saturday night, or… It doesn’t matter. If you want to relax and thinking what drink to have we recommend BMW cocktail.

You know, that you have to enjoy your time so please drink responsibly. This is only recommendation and everyones taste is different.

BMW is the acronym in the UK for a cocktail of Baileys, Malibu and Whisky.


  • 1 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • 1 oz Malibu rum
  • 1 oz Whiskey


  • Shake everything with ice
  • Strain in a low ball glass with ice

Without music usually party is impossible. We recommend one good song for BMW fans. When you have your cocktail ready. Listen to this:

Irmantas B.