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TOP 5 British supercars of all time

Britain has around 35 car manufacturers and some of them were very successful in making supercars. This time we are going to look at Top 5 British supercars of all time manufactured in the UK. MCLAREN F1It is a technological masterpiece and for many people, it is the greatest supercar ever built. In my opinion, […]

Flying Machines

World’s First Flying Car – PAL-V Liberty

Time is the most expensive thing in the world and let’s do not waste it. PAL-V (Personal Air and Land Vehicle) is the WORLD’S FIRST FLYING CAR PRODUCTION MODEL. It’s a fast and most efficient transport which will help you to forget about traffic and other obstacles on the roadway. PAL-V is a Dutch company […]

Muscle Cars

De Tomaso P72 – $800.000 exclusive

First of all, I would like to start with earlier models of the Italian car-manufacturing company. The company De Tomaso went on to develop and produce both sports cars and luxury vehicles. This time we will look at the sports category. There are lots of different models: Vallelunga Mangusta Pantera Guarà 2Biguà and off-road vehicles […]

Electric transport News

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model 3 Dominates Global EV Market – Report

The Tesla Model 3 is outperforming other competitors in terms of sales, according to data provided by EV Volumes. Telsa is currently selling over 2.5x more cars than its closest competitor, the BJEV EU-Series EV. Tesla Model 3 Sales Boom According to EV Volumes, 128,000 units of Tesla Model 3 were sold during the first half of 2019. This is a […]

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VW I.D. BUZZ – futuristic electric Camper Van

VW Company is not sleeping and has something to show. This time introduction to fully electric VW I.D. BUZZ CONCEPT – electric camper van. Back in 1950, Volkswagen made Type 2 model, known officially as the Transporter, Kombi, Microbus or even Campervan. Do you know why Type 2? Because Type 2 adapted Bettle’s (Type 1) […]

Have Fun

Funny Car Acronyms

People are making acronyms for everything they can imagine. Full of internet funny car acronyms and some of them are very insulting. Some car models have disappointing design and one of them SAAB (Sad Attempt At Beauty). Everyone has a personal opinion about such things and my opinion is that Saab’s design is strange and […]

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Brabham BT62 – track-focused hypercar

I have feeling, that majority didn’t hear anything about Brabham BT62. It is unique the world’s most track-focused hyper-car made by Brabham Automotive. This model has been designed and engineered to demand more from its driver. It is a car for those who want to challenge themselves. The way how she sounds… It is unbelievable. […]

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Bugatti Chiron hit 300mph

Amazing news reached us today. Modified Bugatti Chiron prototype Smashed 300 mph at Ehra-Lessien and from now on it is officially – fastest in the world. Bugatti team gave this job to the person with experience. Mr TOM WALLACE is a professional racing driver from the UK which won 25 International Sportscar races including 24 […]

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Born in 1986 – BMW M5

I am a BMW fan. So, I couldn’t ignore this red and clean BMW M5 (1986). One of the most beautiful BMW M5 old-time model I have ever seen. Let’s get a little bit more familiar with this model. Exterior Car was resprayed in original colour with original dealer window sticker, Road Tax holder & […]


TOP 10 CARS FOR MPG (2019)

Before we even start with the TOP 10 cars for MPG we have to do some educational things like Is mpg in the UK or US gallons? Answer is: imperial (UK) gallons are not the same as US gallons – a UK gallon equals 4.55 litres while a US gallon equals 3.79 litres. As a […]