TOP 5 British supercars of all time

TOP 5 British supercars of all time

Britain has around 35 car manufacturers and some of them were very successful in making supercars. This time we are going to look at Top 5 British supercars of all time manufactured in UK.

It is a technological masterpiece and for many people it is the greatest supercar ever built.

In my opinion supercar has to be with unique design to reduce wind resistance, powerful engine and fast as hell, like we say.  Also, weight is really important as well. So, MCLAREN F1 team did all the best they can to minimize the weight. Lighter and stronger than aluminium, the F1 was the first road car with a carbon fibre chassis. Car wheels were made from magnesium alloy. The supporting sub-structure was made from titanium. Even the toolkit, made from titanium, was 50% lighter than a steel kit.

Can you imagine driving in a very high speed with no spoilers, no wings on struts? This is not a problem for this powerful horse. This model can give you absolute stability at high speed. Team did a great job and this model with latest ground force techniques will be one of the best British supercars in all time.

Special car for special people.

Can you imagine, during the British International Motor Show back in 1988 majority of visitors didn’t pay enough attention to Ferrari F40, and all their eyes were looking to this beautiful concept model made by Jag team.

I can drive, you can drive… Ok… But, I would be very surprised if you could control this 549bhp, rear-wheel drive supercar. Without experience you should not approach this monster. And other thing, you have to be strong to control it because this car is without power steering, like majority of them those days.

The ’90s icon was originally intended to be fitted with a monstrous 6.2-litre V12 engine sending power to all four wheels, however, a little bit disappointment because production car came with a Rover-derived 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 engine and rear wheel drive.

Not surprised, that It was the fastest road-going car in the world. The XJ220 recorded a top speed of 341.7 km/h (212.3 mph) during testing by Jaguar at the Nardo test track in Italy. This made it the fastest production car from 1992 to 1993.

Automotive art and 21st century icon.

Aston Martin One-77. It is automotive piece of art manufactured in 2011-2012. For only $1.87 million you can become the proud owner. Only 1.87… Crazy people pay crazy money. Why not? I would be rich, I would have one.

I asked myself, why ONE-77? And yes, it is actually only 77 models produced.

Purpose-built 7.3 litre V12 engine capable of 750bhp, every aspect of the car’s design is devoted to achieving maximum handling and traction. Acceleration 0-100 km/h 3.7 sec and max speed 220mph (354 kph), so – not bad.

‘The most beautiful car in the world’ – Enzo Ferrari.

Thirty years of singular focus on the Jaguar E-Type comes into play with the Eagle Low Drag GT.

Car handling is far better than E-Type Jag. Interior is just perfection! Looks like old classic car with wooden-rimmed steering wheel and old fashioned panel, however it has power steering, climate control and premium leather seats. It is 100% gentlemen’s car.

The six-cylinder 4.7-litre engine produces 345bhp – the same power output as an Audi S5 mild-hybrid V6 diesel.

Price when new is around £700000. Is it worth it? Maybe… You can buy 4 McLaren GT models instead. Price starts only from £163,000.

  • Eagle Low Drag Gt Manufactured in Britain

Lack of features but full of power.

Carbon bodied, incredibly rare and exclusive, the M600 does not compete or align itself with any other currently available super car. Love to drive? If yes, than this model is special for you. Forget about electronic assistance and enjoy being fully in control.

Car build in Leicester, by a team of fewer than 20 people, so you cannot expect to see loads of them in the streets. It is going to be a very rear model indeed.

Car weights only 1250kg, has twin-turbo 4.4-litre V8 engine, originally designed by Yamaha. It’s a traditional 32-valve V8 set in a regular V design – not a flat-plane. Power – 662bhp at 6500rpm.

Top Speed: 225 mph
0-62 mph: 3.0 secs
Price is around £206000.

Britain will never stop making supercars. TOP 5 list will have to be changed of course. Let’s wait for more new British supercars which will make changes and will shake Automotive Industry.

Irmantas B.