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3D Printed Cars Are Taking Over The World

3-D printers already took wide range of industries in the world. You can print anything you want starting from small simple toys, instruments, tools and finishing with 3D printed cars, houses or even body parts.

Father of 3D printing

The first 3D printer was made more than 30 years ago in 1987. 74 years old engineer, inventor, innovator, icon – Chuck Hull changed the whole industry.

What is 3D printing?

Everyone knows the meaning of the word “printing”. You print your documents by transferring the digital file into real touchable flat product, this process can be called – 2D printing.

3D printing is when the digital file is transferred into real touchable solid shape.

3d printer and printed products

3D printing in automotive industry

Could you imagine, that cars will be printed. And now… How good is that?! Industrial printers changed the world and 3d printed cars is a future, thanks to inventor Chuck Hull for making unreal become reality.

Also, 3D printing is cheaper, faster and it helps to save the environment from pollution, fewer factories – cleaner air.

How cars are printed? Simple as that: designers design, huge industrial printer starts printing parts and in the end people manually put things together.


First 3D printed car in the world – Strati

Back in 2014 Local Motors Company launched the world’s first 3-D printed electric car, the STRATI. Around 85% of the car is 3D printed. As you know, 3D printing is a fast way to build the car and you know what? Strati was printed in 44 hours. I think it is unbelievable!

Weight:           800kg

Top speed:      40mph or 64 km/h
Range:          120 miles or 193 km

3D Printed Supercar – BLADE

It is the world’s first 3-D printed Hypercar prototype manufactured by Divergent Technologies and designed by Kevin Czinger. This model is 35% 3D printed.

Curb weight                       630 kg

Engine:                               2.4 L 4B11T turbocharged I4 (Evo-derived, AMS-modified)
Power output:                    720 hp (537 kW; 730 PS)
Transmission                     7-speed Hewland sequential


Using 3D printer German engineering EDAG managed to achieve a magical result with an incredible design inspired by nature. The skeleton resembles a spider’s web and the whole car is covered with specially developed weather-resistant fabric which weighs as little as 19 grams per square meter. In my opinion, weight is a crucial thing to decrease fuel consumption, so fabric cover was a great idea. Led lights makes skeleton visible and it makes it possible to personalise the outer skin of the vehicle. This concept model firstly was introduced in Geneva Motor Show back in 2015. This car is 60% 3D printed.

Top Speed:         155mph or 149km/h (ESTIMATED)
0-60 time:          7seconds (ESTIMATED)

XEV YOYO – Born for change

This fully 3-D printed electric car is a potential competitor to all urban mini city cars. It is an exceptional model which you can personalise to suit your needs. I love personalised items, what about you?

This amazing project began his journey back in 2016 March. Approximately after a year prototype number 1 was completed and in 2018 March it was exhibited in Shanghai 3D Printing museum. Prototype 2 completed in 2018 September and it was presented at the Turin Motor show, Italy in June 2019. Team is constantly improving this model and planned start of production should be in the middle of 2020.

XEV YOYO is low-speed, but high technology electric car. High-quality Lithium batteries guarantees a reliable and long-lasting performance also keeps weight to a minimum.

Length:            2528mm
Width:             1400mm
Height:            1545mm

Range:             93 miles or 150km – 124 miles or 200km
Top Speed:      43mph or 70km/h
Gross Weight: 750kg

So, if you like this project I would like to encourage you to support them on Kickstarter.com.

Predicted price: starting from $8,858 / €7,995 / £6,810

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