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Should You Use Professional Driving Instructors?

Having a driver’s license is one of the major status symbols among high school students and teenagers, in general. Aside from being a “coolness” asset, a driver’s license also provides kids with a sense of independence by providing them with the right to drive on their own. Though most kids can’t wait to get behind the wheel, some schools do not offer drivers education. As a result, instead of using professional driving instructors most kids learn to drive on their own, through peers, or other unqualified instructors. This puts the kids’ safety at risk because they are at the phase when they are most impressionable. They are prone to picking up unsafe driving habits, wrong information, and false confidence from these instructors. This is extremely risky, as most teen accidents are traced from this equation. The American Automobile Association or the AAA states that although the teen driving population is relatively small (7%), they account for at least 14% of all fatal motor accidents. These figures make the need for competent driving schools and drivers education urgent.

Data from the 2016 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA):

  • Teen drivers were involved in roughly 1,053,000 crashes, resulting in 3,270 deaths, yielding an overall fatality rate of 11.4 fatal injuries per 10,000 individuals involved.
  • Speeding and Nighttime driving were identified as major fatal risk factors among crashes with teen drivers.
  • Crashes involving speeding teen drivers resulted in 35 deaths per 10,000 individuals involved.
  • Crashes at night involving teen drivers has a fatality rate of 32 deaths per 10,000 individuals involved.
  • Fatality rate for people involved in a crash with a teen driver carrying only teen passengers increased by 51 percent compared to crashes in which the teen driver is driving alone.
  • Roughly two other road users die for every one teen driver fatality in teen-driving related crashes.

Advantages of using Professional Driving Instructors

There are many advantages in enrolling in a drivers course handled by professional driving instructors. Instructors from driving schools and drivers education provide objective observations and instructions about the students’ driving abilities. Students are not saddled with instructions that are full of vague notions about driving, or about how a certain manoeuvre is done. Professional instructors are also able to give valuable and useful advice on how to handle practice sessions with qualified supervisors. Furthermore, instructors address and discuss issues about the student’s driving techniques to the supervisors which make for comprehensive and coordinated training. Aside from teaching manoeuvres and gear shifting, instructors also teach updated road safety precautions and traffic laws. They help students understand how certain laws apply to in-road situations. In short, professional driving instructors prepare you both for safe driving and road responsibility.

“Faster is fatal, slower is safe.” 

Amit Kalantri

Another advantage in enrolling at driving schools and drivers education courses is the opportunity to receive an honest assessment of driving skills from the professionals. They identify areas and skills which need improvement and constantly call students’ attention to the problems they spotted. As a result, bad habits are eradicated before they start. Plus, professional instructors usually give summaries and written reviews of the students’ skills that are useful for private practice time with qualified supervisors. Driving schools and drivers courses provide structured and systematic training which builds and develops the students’ skills bit by bit. There is no rush to learn one manoeuvre to another before the first move is mastered. The students learn and understand driving basics before tackling more complicated lessons. Exposure to other lecturers and providers of road safety is a bonus from professional drivers education. Visiting lecturers usually include firemen, the local mechanic, paramedic, police, and towing service personnel. They provide seminars wherein students learn what to do in accidents and driving emergencies.

Lastly, an advantage often sought at driving schools and drivers education courses are the mock drivers’ exams. These prepare the students for taking that all-important test and refresh their driving knowledge. Aside from this, there are also new policies that allow only students who have professional training to take driving tests and apply for driver’s licenses. The purveyors of the laws see this as an extra measure needed to ensure the safety of teen drivers, other motorists, and pedestrians from irresponsible driving.

Distracted While Driving

Professional Driving Instructors constantly reminding, that YOU HAVE TO FOCUS WHILE DRIVING.

Please, look after your self and book a PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTOR.

Source: ABC News

Parents Are The Key

Parents, pediatricians, and organizations can find more information on how to keep teens safe on the road at  There you can download free materials including a Parent-Teen Driving Agreement.

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