Hyper-car Brabham BT62 at Goodwood Festival Of Speed

Brabham BT62 – the world’s most track-focused hypercar?

I am sure, that majority of people didn’t hear anything about Brabham BT62. It is unique the world’s most track-focused hypercar made by Brabham Automotive. This model has been designed and engineered to demand more from its driver. It is a car for those who want to challenge themselves.

The way how she sounds… It is unbelievable. Every race car should sound the same. Car weight is only 972kg and power comes from a 5.4-litre V8 engine which produces 710ps (700bhp, 522kW) and 667 Nm (492 ft/lb) of torque.

About the Company

Brabham Automotive is the next chapter of the iconic Brabham marque. A performance-oriented OEM, its first car is the Brabham BT62, a track-focused unrestricted GT car with an option to convert it into a road compliant variant. With its headquarters in Adelaide, Australia, Brabham dates back to 1948 when Sir Jack Brabham commenced his racing career and continues today with his son David Brabham, with Brabham Automotive.

Brabham BT62 Racing Debut

This car made its racing debut in a two-hour Britcar Endurance Championship at the famed Brands Hatch circuit on 9-10 November 2019.  The first step towards Le Mans was made with the support of two drivers: the main driver was David Brabham, Brabham Automotive’s Sporting Director and David’s co-driver was Will Powell which is an early beneficiary of Brabham Automotive’s Driver Development Programme.

Mr Dan Marks (CEO of Brabham Automotive) before debut said:

“It is fitting that the Brabham marque returns to racing after a 27 year absence with David Brabham behind the wheel. David’s speed, professionalism and composure will provide a great base for our motorsport debut at Brands Hatch, a track that saw so much success for Brabham in the past.”

Dan Marks


Race 1 was 9th of November, such a special day to Brabham Automotive. Team made an outstanding effort and their first debut on the racetrack was marked with a pole position, fastest lap and a victory at the Britcar Endurance Championship season finale at Brands Hatch, in the United Kingdom. 

Both drivers after the first phenomenal race said:

“To come here and get our first race win is phenomenal. My Dad won here in 1966, in a Brabham, so for me to come here and win in a Brabham is a very emotional moment for me. In terms of the journey that Brabham Automotive has been on to this point, it’s quite incredible.”

David Brabham

“We had our fair share of things to deal with, in terms of the conditions. We all came together as a team, though, and I’m both super-appreciative for the opportunity and very grateful to the team, who worked so hard to make sure the car was ready. It was great to be a part of this moment in the company’s history, to drive the BT62 on its racing debut and bring it back in so that David could go out and do his thing – win races.”

Will Powell


Race 2 was 10th of November – great start from pole position once again. However, failing alternator on lap 4 forst the team to stop on lap 8. Unfortunately, the problem wasn’t fixed. In such a complicated situation Brabham Automotive team managed to achieve an outstanding result recording a 46.688 on lap 16. A decision was taken to retire the car on lap 18.

After successful debut and the Brabham Automotive’s victory at Brands Hatch the Brabham BT62 was added to Britcar’s approved entry list for 2020.



  • Front and rear carbon on carbon


  • Front 27/65 R18, rear 31/71 R18


  • Type – Mid-mounted longitudinal V8
  • Bore x Stroke mm – 94×97
  • Total displacement cc – 5387
  • Compression ratio – 10.5:1
  • Maximum power – 522 KW (700HP) @ 7400 rpm
  • Maximum torque – 667Nm (492lb/ft) @ 6200 rpm


  • Overall Length mm – 4460
  • Overall width mm – 1950
  • Height mm – 1200
  • Wheelbase mm – 2695
  • Front track mm – 1649
  • Rear track mm – 1597
  • Weight – 972 kg
  • Weight Distribution – 41%/59% (Wet with driver)
  • Fuel tank capacity – 125 L


  • Carbon Kevlar wheel houses
  • Commemorative engraved rear wing endplates
  • Rear quarter light panels incorporating motorsport quick-fill fuel fillers
  • Left-hand drive (RHD on request)
  • Bespoke lightweight carbon fibre body panels
  • Gold vehicle badging
  • Commemorative colour scheme or celebration colour scheme (chassis no dependant)
  • Motorsport air jack system
  • Lightweight combined chassis & rollover protection system
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