World’s First Flying Car – PAL-V Liberty

Time is the most expensive thing in the world and let’s do not waste it. PAL-V (Personal Air and Land Vehicle) is the WORLD’S FIRST FLYING CAR PRODUCTION MODEL. It’s a fast and most efficient transport which will help you to forget about traffic and other obstacles on the roadway. Continue Reading

De Tomaso P72 – $800.000 exclusive

First of all I would like to start with earlier models of Italian car-manufacturing company. The company went on develop and produce both sports cars and luxury vehicles. This time we will look at the sports category. There are lots of different models: Vallelunga Mangusta Pantera Guarà 2Biguà and off-road Continue Reading

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model 3 Dominates Global EV Market – Report

The Tesla Model 3 is outperforming other competitors in terms of sales, according to data provided by EV Volumes. Telsa is currently selling over 2.5x more cars than its closest competitor, the BJEV EU-Series EV. Tesla Model 3 Sales Boom According to EV Volumes, 128,000 units of Tesla Model 3 were sold during the first half Continue Reading

Bugatti Chiron hit 300mph

An amazing news reached us today. Modified Bugatti Chiron prototype Smashed 300 mph at Ehra-Lessien and from now on it is officially – fastest in the world. Bugatti team gave this job to the person with experience. Mr TOM WALLACE is professional racing driver from UK which won 25 International Continue Reading