De Tomaso's 60th Anniversary Model p72

De Tomaso P72 – $800.000 exclusive super car

I would like to leave De Tomaso P72 for a dessert. Let’s start with earlier models of the Italian car-manufacturing company. The company De Tomaso went on to develop and produce both sports cars and luxury vehicles. This time we will look at the sports category. There are lots of different models:

  • Vallelunga
  • Mangusta
  • Pantera
  • Guarà
  • 2Biguà and off-road vehicles
  • P72 NEW

One of the most popular De Tomaso model Pantera was produced from 1971 to 1991. Almost 7000 units were produced during the 20 years. I am not gonna lie… I LOVE IT! In my personal opinion, it is one of the best looking classic sports car ever made. Just look at that! Looks AWESOME!

De Tomaso pantera exclusive super car
Photo: Irmantas Baltrusaitis

Engine: 5.8 L Ford Cleveland V8, 335 PS (246 kW; 330 hp).

De Tomaso 60TH Anniversary

Let’s celebrate De Tomaso’s 60th Anniversary with De Tomaso P72 – an homage to the original P70.

P72 made a debut at Goodwood Festival Of Speed in 2019. De Tomaso is an exceptional exclusive model and only 72 cars will be produced. Someone will be a very lucky person. Looking forward to meeting the first buyers.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of this exclusive car. We have devoted numerous days and nights developing a car that can live up to its predecessor. The P72 evokes the spirit of Alejandro de Tomaso, the brand and the eras that this car represents.”

Norman Choi, Founder of Apollo Automobil & De Tomaso Automobili

Designer Jowyn Wong, said, “The P72 evolutionary design focuses on timeless beauty and timeless proportions of the 60’s Le Mans prototype vehicles into the modern era.”

Expected price tag is €750,000  or £662,000 (approximately $846,250)

I remember when all my bedroom walls were covered with car posters like Ferrari F40, Porsche 911 or Lamborghini Diablo. Nowadays I think, that McLaren, Bugatti, Ford GT or the same Lamborghini posters are chilling on the walls, or desktops, or mobile phones.

And Yeah… Do you think De Tomaso P72 wall poster or smartphone background could change your recent ones?

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