Hillman Imv Van in car show GOODWOOD FESTIVAL OF SPEED.


Say hello to Peter’s HILLMAN IMP VAN!

a massive Hillman restoration project that lasted several years.

The van was stripped and sent it off to a professional restorer to get the bodywork and paint sorted. The van was media blasted and the true horrors became evident. One wing was only held on by an inch of weld!

The owner collected a large number of panels from specialists and a complete floor from a Hillman Imp saloon that was being scrapped. The floor, sills, front wings, a complete rear quarter and a lower rear quarter were fitted along with localised repairs. It was then treated to a healthy coat of rust protection and painted in Chrysler corporate colours, Corporate Blue and Arctic White. The shell was delivered back to him in 2012 and he began to reassemble it in his dad’s garage.

All components were either refurbished or replaced. All running gear was powder coated to help protect it for years to come. As he had met his now wife and stepson in the process, Peter had to adapt and sourced a rare rear seat conversion.

This van got its first MOT in late 2013 and they have been using it for family holidays, camping, dump runs and any excuse they can to get it out on the road. Peter made subtle modifications, keeping all original parts.

The engine is out of an Imp Sport ad has been bored out to 915cc, lightened and balanced with a 28/36 Weber and Janspeed exhaust and manifold made to look like a van exhaust. The wheels are widened Austin wheels, painted black to factory look and a bucket seat for comfort was fitted. He had the van sign written as a Chrysler parts and service van using the details from his old local Rootes dealer, which the father and son still live locally and helped with photos and memorabilia from the garage.

Price/Value: Approx £10-12k

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