Honda e electric car. Best choice for city.

Meet HONDA E – electric city car

We would like to introduce an exceptional Honda e electric car manufactured by Japanese automaker Honda.

Just to let you know, that THIS IS NOT PROTOTYPE anymore and it is available now in the UK.


The design reminds a little bit old days, those who have seen the old first-generation Honda Civic model will know what I mean. Let’s spot a difference… Oh, grandad’s rear lights are rectangular and also mirrors… New Honda e front and rear lights in a circular shape are typical classic car feature. Mirrors, of course, they are not typical mirrors anymore. Side-Camera Mirror System will assist you as you drive around the city.

Honda e is a winner of the red dot awards – Best Of The Best Car Design 2020.

Honda managed to achieve what they wanted, to build the future car which reminds the past.


Oh yes… Performance is impressive I would say! If you want to drive as normal, that’s fine, you can do it. If you need adrenaline, that’s fine, choose Sport mode. NO GEAR CHANGES, just press down the accelerator and you will feel a huge excitement.

Honda e electric car has exceptional handling and ride comfort. It is a rear-wheel-drive electric car and it gives you a better ‘steering feel’ under high acceleration. 50-50 weight distribution provides a rewarding sporty experience with its low centre of gravity.

One of the most important things to consider when we choose electric cars is reliability. High-capacity 35.5 kWh Lithium-ion battery can use either a Type 2 AC connector or CCS2 DC rapid charger.  Performance:

  • Electric Motor Maximum Power (ps) (ps)              154
  • Electric Motor Maximum Torque (Nm) (Nm)       315
  • Max Speed (mph) (mph)                                        90
  • WLTP Range (miles)                                              127

Safety is the most important thing. So, with Collision Mitigation Throttle Control and Low-Speed Brake Function, you will be one of the safest drivers in the world.

Honda e electric car price

Honda e Advance is available now and it can be yours from £349 per month with 5.9% APR Representative. OTR Price (inclusive of Government Grant) – £29,160.00

Honda e is a little bit cheaper version will cost £299 per month with 5.9% APR Representative. OTR Price (inclusive of Government Grant) – £26,660.00

E Advance model is a little bit more expensive, because, it has Heated Steering Wheel, Honda Parking Pilot and Front Heated Seats.

So, do not wait, order now.

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