most impressive audi advertisements

Most impressive Audi Advertisements of all time

Audi is not an Another Useless Deutsche Invention like some people think, maybe for some unlucky owners, this model is Always Under Diagnostic Inspection. In my personal opinion, an acronym which better describes this model would be – Another Unique Deutsche Invention. We have chosen the most impressive Audi advertisements from 1972 until now and would like to share with you.


First of all, just a little bit of history. First Audi was produced before the WWI in 1910 and it was called – the Audi Type A Sport-Phaeton. The Man, behind this outstanding engineering unique invention, was August Horch.

“Any car that merely takes you from A to B does not go far enough.”

August Horch

And yes, since 1910 Audi had lots of ups and downs, but German Manufacturer stayed strong like a rock and until now successfully making one after Another Unique car models.

Most impressive Audi advertisements

Here we are… Different Audi models and, in our opinion, one of the most impressive Audi advertisements. We decided to start with Award-Winning Audi 80 which started its journey in 1972.

1972 – Audi 80

Audi 80 B1 (Audi Fox in America) production started back in 1972 and until 1978 approximately 1.1 million models were built. During the 6 years of production, Miss Audi managed to win European Car Of The Year competition with the 114 points in 1973. Main opponents were left behind: Renault 5 (2nd place with 109 points) and Alpha Romeo Alfetta (3rd place and 95 points).

1983 – Audi 100

Audi 100 third generation born in 1982 and retired in 1991. Yea, during this period this model had some difficulties. Audi 100 (1983), also called Audi 5000 in North America, had some recalls and one of the defects was: THE DRIVER COULD INADVERTENTLY DEPRESS BOTH PEDALS AT ONE TIME, LOSE CONTROL, AND HAVE AN ACCIDENT. Around 117000 were affected.

1985 – Audi Coupe Quattro (B2)

Audi Coupe Quattro B2 model was produced and sold by Audi between 1980 and 1988. It was a very popular model in Motorsport field with a lot of WRC victories between 1981 and 1985.

1986 – Audi 100 CS Quattro

Audi 100 CS Quattro or winter beater in the other words. This advert is unique and no words needed. 4 wheels drive, winter tires and easy hill climb.

1996 – Audi A4

I agree with the words in this advertisement – “Get ready for the ride of your life”. This model is very popular and from 1994 until 2001 a total of 1,674,943 models were built. People still driving and loving these cars. Why? It is a very reliable car, you can take it and travel around the world with no problems.

1999 – Audi A4 Avant

Forget about the motorcycle, you can choose Audi A4 Avant. It’s a little bit strange comparing Audi A4 with a motorcycle, however, it actually took my attention. Would you change your mind?

2001 – Audi A4

Another A4 advertisement and again, it is impressive piece of art. I am talking about the advertisement and a car it self. And yes, in my opinion it is really – car for life.

2009 – Audi A6

The 2009 Super Bowl Commercial for Audi is one of those commercial videos which can actually make a difference. People will remember this video and one of the main reasons for that is Jason Statham. It is a very impressive 60 seconds video and how it was made you can find here.

2010 – Audi Q5

No words needed – Nightmare. Audi Q5 TV commercial with a few scary bits. You have to watch it with earphones. This video reminds me of X Files, especially from the beginning. So, the main point of it is that identity theft can happen to anyone, but not for the unmistakable Audi Q5. Do you like it?

2011 – Audi A1

Small, smart and powerful little Audi piece of art. Drive in style with confidence.

2012 – Audi A8

Strange and funny advert will get your attention 100 percent. Just look at this one: prison with lots of VIP cells, cakes and Kenny G music. And yes, prisoners decided, that Audi is more suitable than MB to get out from the hell.

2013 – Audi A6

It is one of the best Audi adverts I ever seen. Very solid striking presentation of Audi A6 with aluminium hybrid construction. Engineered with a lighter touch.

2014 – Audi RS 6 Avant

Audi RS6 Avant quattro is powerful like Audi R18 e-tron quattro, so RS6 is perfect fit for family members who love the power and speed. It is everyday life race car with a little bit of spice.

2015 – Audi RS 3

It reminds me a much loved Transformers movie. From mother Audi R8 to Audi RS3 in less than 2 minutes. Audi RS3 Sportback born in 2015 and weighted 1520kg with 365 bhp.

2016 – Audi R8

Audi R8 compared with a SPACESHIP. Let’s remember the memories and travel to the moon very fast reaching 205 mph max speed.

2017 – Audi RS 6 Avant

Heart is the most important part of your body. Get the cold heart from the donor for the heart transplant surgery in time with Audi RS6 Avant. Reality is different, however, this advert in my opinion is catchy.

2018 – Audi RS5

2019 – Audi RS 7 Sportback

2020 – Audi e-tron

Don’t let them in, don’t let them see, be the good girl. Girl – Fully electric e-tron model. “I don’t care what they going to say.” – That is absolutely good thinking.