Olli Bus - 3D printed transport

Meet 3D Printed Self-Driving OLLI Bus

About self-driving OLLI bus

Meet OLLI – smart, safe, sustainable option for getting around. It is 3-D printed, self-driving shuttle developed by Local Motors through a one-of-a-kind co-creation community known as Launch Forth. OLLI bus was introduced back in 2016 and currently shuttles thousands of riders every day.

Just to let you know, that, Local Motors created the first 3-D printed car – STRATI. More about 3-D printed cars you can find here.


The latest structure is printable in 9 hours and around 80% of the whole OLLI is 3-D printed with 100% recyclable material. Comparing with the traditional vehicle it contains 90% fewer parts. Digital manufacturing saves 40% of energy use.


  • OLLI is smart transport and equipped with IBM Watson IoT technology. Olli can answer your questions, recommend a coffee shop, or even tell you a joke! How good is that?! You will never be alone.
  • OLLI is stylish and can be customised to meet the needs of riders, new city or campus.
  • OLLI is roomy and can easily transport 8 passengers comfortably.
  • OLLI is disciplined and it’s activity and riders safety monitored by a human controller at all times.
  • OLLI is sensitive and LIDAR allows him to see 360 degrees at all times.
  • OLLI is sustainable and its drivetrain is electric, quiet and requires no fossil fuel to run.

Local Motors is committed to safety and all riders have the opportunity to give feedback about their trip. Thousands of riders have been able to experience OLLI and according to OLLI Safety Report, 99.15% of passengers were feeling safe while using OLLI bus.

In addition, Local Motors gives the opportunity to win $100. Do not miss this opportunity!


Range: 40 mi/60 km (nominal), 25 mi/40 km (max load, max A/C)

Max Speed: 40 km/h (25 mph)

Max Torque: 240Nm

Charge Time (440 V): 1.5 hours

Transmission: 9.59.1 gear ratio

Curb Weight: 2654 kg (5850 lbs)

Capacity: 612 kg (1350 lbs)

Length: 3920mm (12.86 ft)

Width: 2050mm (6.73 ft)

Height: 2500mm (8.20 ft)

Wheelbase: 2526mm (8.29 ft)