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VW ID Vizzion Review – without a steering wheel?

VW is making people smile and believe that their future will be like a miracle with a model like VW ID Vizzion, which is FUTURE indeed. Oh, dear… In my opinion, it is one of the best future electric cars so far. Beautiful design, highly technological fully electric future concept model without a steering wheel.

“A car for the people, an affordable Volkswagen, would bring great joy to the masses and the problems of building such a car must be faced with courage.”

Adolf Hitler

Firstly, forget about the old fashioned style to unlocking car doors. This genius car will open the doors automatically using a facial recognition system. Comfort, you will never moan about that and you will be fully satisfied especially during the long journeys. It is like a lounge with ergonomic seats and tinted windows will provide you with full privacy. You can fully separate your self from the environment and relax in the car, which is really good.

VW ID.Vizzion Interior. Photo by Irmantas Baltrusaitis

Secondly, this car has no steering wheel. What? How? Yes, it has NO steering wheel because you can control this car using gesture control and voice commands. All the controls you can only see with mixed reality glasses. It is really unbelievable, just sit, relax, read the book, play games and VW ID Vizzion will get you to the destination.

Future is coming and it will become a reality soon. Hopefully, production will start in 2022.

VW ID. Vizzion Specifications

Engine:                                 Fully-electric

System Performance:    up to 225 Kw (306 PS)

Top Speed:                          180 km/h / 112 mph

Range:                                  up to 665 km / 413 miles


  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h / 0-62 mph in 6,3s
  • Capacity 111 kWh
  • Length 3,163mm / width 1,947mm / height 1,506mm
  • Wheelbase 3,100mm
  • Color “Baladi Orange”
  • Variable “Open Space”, for integral seats
  • Seat cover is leather “Saint Tropez
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