What does the Color of your Car say about You?

What does the Color of your Car say about You?

Our personality defines all the choices we make in a lifetime. The way you dress up, the kind of food you eat, and the people you befriend reflect your behavior, priorities and, interests. The car you own and drive is an important aspect of your life, so it makes sense that the color you chose is meaningful. Inclination towards certain colors has a deep connection with our psychology; hence, there is a lot your car’s color can reveal about you.


White-colored cars are most frequently sighted on the roads. They are a classic, embodying simplicity and elegance. People who prefer white cars are practical and straightforward; they try to avoid drama at all costs. Punctuality, neatness, and professionalism are a few of their strong suits.


Black depicts sleek and modern. People driving black cars are highly sophisticated and like to maintain a bit of mystery about themselves. They know how to make an appearance and are perceived as trendsetters.


If you own a red car, you probably have a very passionate and volatile personality. You like taking risks and being noticed. Leadership qualities are in your genes, so it is no surprise that you often come across as bossy. Your periodic mood swings and impulsive decisions keep your peers on edge. Just remember to be careful on the road and prevent the possibility of DUI charges.


People with blue cars tend to be smart and pensive. Everyone admires them for their accomplishments and identifies them as problem solvers. However, these people can be difficult to understand and it takes a lot to impress them.


Owners of green cars have a fondness towards nature and express themselves as optimists. They believe in themselves and their patience is commendable. Criticism does not let them down and they appear to be good at motivational speeches.


The metallic and flashy demeanor of silver cars gives the impression of a futuristic approach. Drivers of silver cars have the tendency to embrace progressive technology and discard outdated stuff. These individuals don’t like to be left behind and strive to rule the world.


If your car is grey, I am guessing that socializing is not your forte. You prefer solitude and fancy a quiet night at home on the weekend. You do not like to show off or stand out in a crowd. You are pretty pleased with your plain and modest regime.   


Gold or champagne colored cars symbolize an elite lifestyle. These people do not believe in keeping a low profile. They are prosperous and high maintenance, but also generous at the same time.


People having brown or tan cars are very down-to-earth and unbiased. They choose quality over quantity; long-term relationships and investments are the most significant aspects of their life. These people are reliable and responsible.


Yellow and orange cars are a rare sight on the highway, which makes them rather unique. Individuals who drive such bright colored life are full of life and vigor. They don’t care what the world thinks or says. They follow their heart and live life to the fullest. We clearly need more drivers with this level of confidence and happy-go-lucky attitude.

Wrapping up

What color is your car? Do any of the above descriptions stand true to your persona? If the color of your car did not make the list, let us know in the comments and tell us how you would define your personality?

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