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Where to Buy a Car With Bitcoin? Top 5 Websites

If you are looking to buy a car with bitcoin or other cryptocurrency hopefully provided information will be useful for you.

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset which getting more popular in the automotive industry. You can buy anything you want using crypto these days, for instance, cars.


In my opinion, the best place where you can buy things using crypto is Crypto Emporium. You will find things such as cars and motorbikes, watches, property, electronics and even travel. You can pay with: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Verge, Decred and Ripple.

I really like Lamborghini cars and especially Lamborghini Urus, which I think is the most family-friendly Lamborghini ever made.  It was really interesting to see what they can offer, so I found one. Hopefully, one day I will be a proud owner of this beautiful creature. Oh, what a simple way to buy! Just click BUY NOW, CHOOSE THE CRYPTOCURRENCY, CHOOSE THE COUNTRY AND ADD TO CART.

In conclusion, I think, that this website is just perfect!

crypto emporium website where you can buy products using crypto currency
Crypto Emporium Website Screenshot


Another place where you can buy cars using crypto is the world’s first bitcoin-only automobile boutique – BITCARS. They sell premium & sports cars and also oldtimer classic cars. Bitcars will have something good to offer: starting with daily BMW 218i for Ƀ5.084000 and finishing with FERRARI 575 Superamerica for Ƀ112.654000 which is the perfect car for collectors.

buy a car with bitcoin
BitCars Website Screenshot

So, if you are interested, firstly you have to make an enquiry and hopefully, the car will be yours. Pay with crypto or Alts and the car will be delivered to you.


Auto Coin Cars is another place where you can buy and sell cars online. Their target is cryptocurrency users. Buyer contacts the dealer, agree on a deal and pay with crypto. Usually, price is displayed in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Autocoin, GBP, USD and EUR.

buy a car with bitcoin
Auto Coin Cars Website Screenshot


Buy-Sell Car With Bitcoin market place gives the opportunity to sell and buy with Bitcoin. Website is focusing on crypto users from all over the world. They are not responsible for the transactions made between the seller and buyer. In addition, golden rule for buyers – you meet the seller and check the car. Advice for sellers – you meet the buyer. Certainly, selling the car is not the same as selling air freshener online. To make it easier you can choose your preferred location and look for products to buy in your country. Website is not so popular, on the other hand, it could be useful for selling or buying. Maybe someone is looking for BMW 650i?

buysellcarwithbitcoin website where you can buy products using crypto currency
Buysellcarwithbitcoin Website Screenshot


So, Stephen James BMW announced on Twitter that they accept Bitcoin for the purchase of your new car. I think it is awesome!

Stephen James BMW website where you can buy cars using crypto currency
Stephen James BMW website screenshot

It’s the same buying process as usual, but you can make a final payment using Bit Pay.

In short – you decide.

Please have a look at the latest Bitcoin price.

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