Caterham Drift Taxi in London Motor and Tech show

Did you hear about the Drift Taxi experience?

About Caterham

Caterham cars are made in the UK since 1973. It is 2 seater hand-built, backed by an ideology and heritage car. It is rear-wheel drive, light and powerful model. So, people decided to use this model to create a fun and unforgettable experience to others and called it Drift Taxi.

Drift Taxi

What a lovely smell and what a sound! It was great to see all in one: a tyre-smoking and wheel spinning. To celebrate the launch of the Caterham Driving Experience (CDX) operated by MSV at Brands Hatch, Caterham has brought along its pro-driving team to the 2019 London Motor and Tech Show with the new and improved ‘Taxi’. And what they did it was unbelievable.

These ‘TOYS’ weighting just over 500kg and equipped with a 1.6-litre Ford Sigma engine that delivers 135bhp.

If you want to find out more about new CDX operated by MSV, head over to the Caterham website and visit the ‘Experience’ page.

Source: Global Motor Media

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