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If you are looking for a car with outstanding performance and horsepower engine, hit the road with the stylish and trendy Tesla Model Y. Why don’t you own this car? Let everyone envy you when you drive the car with style and class. Tesla Model Y is eye-grabbing from every angle and it makes the perfect style statement. In our opinion the exterior is so appealing and attractive, also we believe that the spacious and comfortable interior loaded with latest technologies would make your journey unforgettable.
Hopefully, detailed Tesla Model Y Review will help you to make a decision before getting one for yourself.

Tesla Model Y set to become the superstar

The Silicon Valley automobile company, Tesla has come up with yet another top-notch vehicle, Tesla Model Y. It is an electric compact crossover that has acquired the reputation of becoming the best selling car of the company very soon. The newest entry from Tesla seems to be acquiring a lot of attention, competing against the popular vehicles in America and other nations. We think that this model set to become the superstar of Tesla in 2020. Furthermore, it is anticipated that Model Y will very soon dethrone Tesla Model 3.

By 2020 fall Tesla Model Y will make its entry

It goes without saying that the Model Y from Tesla is one of the most anticipated cars in the automobile industry to date. It is expected to make its entry into the market in the fall of 2020, and with several features and updates by 2021. You will be surprised to know that 76% of the Telsa Model 3’s components have been used to design and build the Model Y. This is one of the reasons why you will find a lot of similarity between Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Model Y will be the first entry of 2020 as the compact, luxury, electric SUV playing off against the gas-powered competitors like the BMW X3, Porsche Macan, and also against the electric rivals like the Mercedes Benz EQC, and Jaguar I-Pace.

Three versions of Tesla Model Y: Which one to purchase?

  • Standards Range- $40,200
  • Long Range – $49,200
  • Performance Range -$62,200

Since it is an electric car, you need to understand that it focuses mainly on the range. The distance Model Y can travel on a single charge around 336 miles. Thus, it is recommended that you must go with the Long Range model as the Standard and the Performance models lack the potential to travel long distances between the charges. You will know more about the variants from Tesla Model Y once it gets released this year.

Seating arrangement

The base model of Tesla Model Y is a 5 seater sedan car with an excellent jump seat in the rear end, enabling access to two adults comfortably. Hence, technically, this new version, Model Y from Tesla, is basically a 7 seater vehicle. In the first two rows, the car provides adequate headroom and legroom, making it an appealing prospect for the buyers. In case, you are planning to make your car more useful, you have the option of folding the second and third-row seats flat. This aids in maximizing the space for truckage. You can enjoy 66 cubic feet storage space, which results in huge utility space.

Source: Tesla

What will be the interior look like?

The exterior styling of Model Y has been given importance, but the interior of this high-value model seems to distinct and unique from all other similarly expensive cars. The cabin space is definitely roomy and comfortable. You will find a lot of similarity in the simple and minimal interior of the Model Y like Tesla Model 3.

There are still doubts as to how much the 15-inch horizontally oriented display screen offering the focal point will get modified or altered in the setup. On the Tesla Model 3, this was the particular design that no doubt looked fantastic, but there was a flaw. Since there was a host of touch screen controls, often it has been complained by the drivers that it has been a distraction for them. Controlling the touchscreen demanded, taking the eyes off the road which is risky and fatal at the same time.

Source: Tesla

This crossover vehicle is not designed with the complex Falcon Wing Doors like Model X. From the interior point of view, it is clear that Model Y is the carryover version of Model 3. Perhaps the modified part of Model Y is that it doesn’t feature a host of buttons like the Model 3, but depends on the simple dashboard’s large display.

The panoramic glass roof is indeed a highlighting interior design feature of Tesla Model Y attracting a lot of customers. This glass roof setup gives an open and airy ambience with a tint of sunlight. But this very same glass roof needs to be tinted heavily in the sunny areas in order to avoid the passengers getting roasted in the hot climate conditions. In order to get access to the additional third of seats, you need to spend an extra amount of $300. It is also reported that this very aspect won’t be any longer available in the later production cycle of Model Y.

Model Y Glass Roof

Let us have a look at the exterior design

When compared with the Model 3, the roofline of the Tesla Model Y is a few inches higher, which is responsible for extra roof for the passengers inside. Furthermore, this also offers additional space for cargo. This is enhanced by the hatchback design allowing for the highest flexibility and utility. When you give a look at Model Y from far, it will appear to you as if you are looking at the shorter version of the Model 3, with additional inches of ground clearance layout.

There is another exterior feature that makes it different from Telsa Model 3. It is known as “chrome delete”. It is one of the features that the owners of the Model 3 demanded so that they can stand out distinctly from the rest of the crowd. Model Y is anticipated to be designed with a complete vinyl chrome package, which is definitely one of the appealing exterior features of the latest Tesla’s version.

The latest model is super fast

Based on the speed of Tesla Model 3, it is anticipated that Tesla Model Y can reach 60mph in 3.5 seconds. This is something crazy and unusual and you don’t really need such a fast acceleration on a regular basis. But, it is good to know that your car has such a calibre. It is indeed a matter of pride and something that you can boast off to your friends and family members.

Connectivity and infotainment

Every single function in the Model Y is handled via a sleek, large size infotainment display that is located in the middle portion of the dashboard. You can find everything on the display, starting from the speedometer to the climate control. It is expected that the entertainment function of the Model Y will be similar to Model 3. They include YouTube, Hulu, Netflix apps along with a host of video games to play, especially when the car is at an EV charging station and you have to kill the boredom. When the car is moving, such entertainment features are locked out so that the driver doesn’t get distracted by them. This is indeed one of the many aspects that make Tesla Model Y an ideal vehicle for the entire family.

The vehicle features Autopilot

This is not the first vehicle that features autopilot, but with when you switch it on, Tesla Model Y becomes a semi-automatic driverless car. With the help of this mode, there is partial autonomy on the driving and moves from one distance to the other with the use of one radar camera and sensor unlike multiple sensors used by other vehicles.

Is the version encouraging the self-driving tech?

Though it is not clear, but there are anticipations that the head-up display will feature, the navigation information, battery charge, current speed to the driver. This will definitely de-clutter the entire dashboard, hinting at the possibility of lack of any physical control. Does this mean that the Model Y will be a self-driving technology device? This is something that people are still looking forward to get more information.

What about the safety features of the Tesla Model Y?

There have been no reports on crash test results from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Some of the safety features included on the Tesla Model Y includes:

  • Lane departure warning with lane-keeping assist
  • Automated emergency brake with pedestrian detection
  • Adaptive cruise control with semi-independent driving mode

Maintenance coverage and warranty

There is still no solid information released with respect to the maintenance and the warranty coverage of Tesla Model Y. But it is believed that it will follow the coverage plans of the previous versions like Model S, Model 3, Model X, etc. Let us find out the anticipated coverage plans of Tesla Model Y:

  • A limited warranty that covers 50,000 miles or 4 years
  • Powertrain warranty coverage plan for 100,000 miles or 8 years
  • There is no complimentary scheduled maintenance


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