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The Worst Cars – Top 10

There are many reasons that a car makes it to a list of the worst cars list. From weird styling, out of the box look too cramped interiors, a car can be hated for any one of them.

This article lists down the top 10 worst cars that have left a very bad taste in the mouth of the customers and it includes our personal opinion as well:

1. Nissan Cube

Nissan Cube has gathered a lot of flack for its asymmetrical and box-like design. With a weak and small engine and an out of shape rear no wonder it ends up looking like a refrigerator.

Source: Fifth Gear

2. Pontiac Aztec

Pontiac Aztec is that kind of a car that only a mother can love. It was designed as in your face and bold vehicle nit meant for everyone. Looks like the objective was successfully met as it wasn’t received well. Apart from the wacky design, it was plagued by a host of technical issues as well making sure it secures a spot in this list. 

Source: Donut Media

3. Tata Magic Iris

With a top speed of 34mph and in our opinion an ugly exterior, Tata Magic Iris was a no show right from the start. This mini passenger vehicle is a version has extremely cramped interiors as well.

Source: QED321

4. Jeep Compass

For a brand that markets itself as a lifestyle brand and has a loyal customer base, this model was ranked the worst car and had an abysmal client satisfaction rating. Bad visibility, uncomfortable and gas issues are just some of the many issues that clients were dissatisfied about. 

Source: Petrol Ped

5. Fiat Multipla

Despite the improvement in series 19, Fiat Multipla safely secures the place of the most hated. With the front of the car resembling a frog, it’s the weirdest car on the road. 

Source: Car Throttle

6. Subaru Impreza Convertible

It is not a car, it’s a monstrosity. The car that not only looks ugly but the essentials of a good car: safety and comfort are way below in their priority list.

Source: MEGA 1

7. BMW X6

Why BMW? This model is on this list not just because of its look, which we think is ugly anyway also because of its interiors which are cramped and claustrophobic. Styling-wise, it doesn’t match up to the style that a car of this league is expected to have. Also, it is less practical than X5 and it is more expensive.

Source: Carbuyer

8. Hummer H2

It is so bad that even a Hummer loyalist could not love it. starting from fuel economy to not being wide enough, the customers have enough complaints about it. 

Source: Mike C

9. Ford Mustang – 1990s era

In our opinion, this 90s Ford Mustang model doesn’t do justice to its brand. Bad looks and grossly under power it just does not seem to appeal to the customers. 

Source: Vanguard Motor Sales

10. Ford Pinto

Ford Pinto earns the dubious distinction its makers being prosecuted on homicide charges for selling this car. Ford Pinto is to a car what a natural catastrophe is to mankind, a terrible tragedy.

Source: ReelNostalgia

TOP 10 list of Worst Cars is based on Custumer experience and our opinion as well. If you think, that this list should be updated please email to us.

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