car decoration ideas for you car

Car decoration ideas for your vehicle

Your car is not merely a mode of transportation that takes you from one place to the other. It is a substantial investment of your time and money. Once the car is home, it becomes like a member of your family with a personality of its own. Nowadays car maintenance is not just limited to taking care of the technical aspects and regular servicing.

Read on to get car decoration ideas for your vehicle.


Car tattoos/car decals have fast risen as the choice for decorating your car and making your car an extension of your personality. They are a fun way to make your cars look sassy and personalize them. There could be many questions in the minds of the people who want to jazz up their car and give it a stylish makeover. This article tries to answer all your questions and help you decorate the car the way you want.

What are car tattoos? 

Car tattoos, also called car decals/car stickers are letters, images or graphics printed on a self-sticking material that is then put on any vehicle. 

What material is a car tattoo made of?

The automobile accessory market is full of choices when it comes to car tattoos. You have an array of materials to choose from. However, white – vinyl is the most popular adhesive for car stickers followed by clear vinyl. Both materials are high on durability and can last up to 5 years. White vinyl is specially designed to be used on vehicles. Its USP is the weatherproofing and the ability to withstand the harmful UV rays. The white vinyl is surface friendly, which means that it can be put on almost any kind of surface including metal, glass, and plastic. With car tattoos made of white vinyl, you can decorate both indoors and outdoors of your car without worrying.

Types of Car Tattoos 

Adhesive: There are mainly two types of car tattoos, removable and permanent. If you are someone who likes to change the look and style of your car every now and then removable car tattoos are your best bet. 

Types of designs: Bumper stickers, images, graphics or your favourite characters right out from the book, car tattoos are available in the choicest of cool designs. There is no better way to enhance the overall look of your car. 

Car Decoration Ideas

So, what are you waiting for? Go and buy the car tattoo of your choice and watch your car undergo a complete makeover. Some car decoration ideas you will find below.

Car decoration ideas for your vehicle - Custom Text Car Sticker


Car decoration ideas for your vehicle - The Walking Dead Zombie Sticker


Car decoration ideas for your vehicle - Dude I Almost Had You by Paul Walker. Car Window Sticker


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Source: VICE

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Car decoration ideas for your vehicle - I Eat Ass Sticker